Are We Becoming A National Security State?


What is the Freedom of Information Act (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

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NSA Spying on America
The US government, with assistance from major telecommunications carriers including AT&T, has engaged in massive, illegal dragnet surveillance of the domestic communications and communications records of millions of ordinary Americans since at least 2001. 

What the NSA wants to know about you and your phone

Telephony metadata includes comprehensive communications routing information, including but not limited to session identifying information (e.g., originating and terminating telephone number, International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) number, International Mobile station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, etc.), trunk identifier, telephone calling card numbers, and time and duration of call. Telephony metadata does not include the substantive content of any communication, as defined by 18 U.S.C. § 2510(8), or the name, address, or financial information of a subscriber or customer

FBI Wants Backdoors in Facebook, Skype and Instant Messaging

The FBI has been lobbying top internet companies like Yahoo and Google to support a proposal that would force them to provide backdoors for government surveillance, according to CNET.

Car license plate readers collecting your information; ACLU says 'no' 

Law enforcement agencies are using license plate readers to build a giant database of publicly available personal information—all obtained legally, without warrants. In 2011 the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center, which coordinates information-sharing between law enforcement agencies, signed a contract with Silicon Valley-based defense contractor Palantir to create a database capable of storing 100 million license plate records.

Could the Government Get a Search Warrant for Your Thoughts

The right to remain silent is meaningless if not accompanied by protection for the thinking required to exercise it.

Behold the NSA’s Dark Star: the Utah Data Center

It’s the ultimate machine of what’s become our Paranoid State. Clive Irving on the Orwellian mass-surveillance data center rising in the Utah desert.

You Are Being Tracked  How License Plate Readers Are Being Used To Record Americans’ Movements

The information captured by the readers [ Automatic license plate readers] – including the license plate number, and the date, time, and location of every scan – is being collected and sometimes pooled into regional sharing systems. As a result, enormous databases of innocent motorists’ location information are growing rapidly. This information is often retained for years or even indefinitely, with few or no restrictions to protect privacy rights.

Raiding the "Corporate Store": The NSA's Unfettered Access to a Vast Pool of Americans' Phone Data

Biometric Database of All Adult Americans Hidden in Immigration Reform

Encryption Has Foiled Wiretaps for First Time Ever, Feds Say

Department of Homeland Security
Freedom of Information Act and Privacy 
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