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Cordyceps Sinensis Article

 The Miracle Drug You Need to Take

I highly recommend for the latest research in a wide variety of subject areas including health and nutrition.    Do a search for any health or nutrition related subject on this site and you will probably find a lot to read.  Also check out and for articles on your area of interest.  Take a look at books before you  buy them. 


Dietary Supplements Functional Foods


Health and Longevity

Research Supports Anti-Aging Benefits of “Elite Class” of Tonic Herbs

 A handful of nuts a day cuts the risk of a wide range of diseases

 Wheat Germ Spermidine Longivity   

Spermidine found to lengthen lifespan in mice and to promote cardiovascular health

 Scientists successfully tune the brain to alleviate pain

 Telomerase Testing


Recommended Reading  I have read over 20 health books and these are the ones that I have bought (or soon will) to add to my library.

 (Most important reading to start: The wrappers of everything you eat for a week. Do the math.)

 Anti-cancer A new way of Life  Very important info. This book will help you with the motivation to increase your vegetable intake.

Beating Cancer with Nutrition  Good info and patient profiles of people who beat cancer or extended their life with nutrition.

 The New Longevity Diet  Good info on Longevity Nutrients.  His food families and some of the longevity nutrients in each are in Notes 1 at the bottom of the page.

 Eating Well, Living Well: An Everyday Guide for Optimum Health

 Product Websites 

Great prices.  Great returns policy.  I’ve sent back over $350.00 worth of stuff that didn’t work for me and gotten refunds to my PayPal account.  About 28 items in the last 10 orders.  (Sometimes they send gift certificates for part of the refund for some reason.) 

Bulk site with best variety.  No returns.

Good bulk site.  Not as wide of a selection as ForestRX.  No returns.   Local stores.  Medicinal mushrooms.  (Some available from forestrx and also)  They no longer sell bulk to individuals, you must order through a health shop.  I ordered kilos of Cordyceps and a 50/50 Reshi/Mitake blend that lasted for 2+ years. Amazon rain forest herbs. 

 Other bulk sites (large quantity)

 Health Websites and pages     World’s Healthiest Foods  Great food list and info. Recipe Assistant

 Essential Nutrients in the World's Healthiest Foods

 Health Studies on Whole Grains    Whole Grains A to Z     Immortal Humans    Essiac Tea    

 Mediterranean diet     The Immune System

 National Senior Games


Research and Info Sites

 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

 Linus Pauling Institute (LPI)  Micronutrient research for optimum health (fee) The world’s largest evidence-based natural medicine database

 MayoClinic Health Information    Harvard Nutrition

 MedlinePlus     PubMed     National Institute on Aging ( UK)     Office of Dietary Supplements     BioInfoBank Library


Health Articles

Drugs from dirt: Scientists develop first global roadmap for drug discovery


Linus Pauling Institute Prescription for Health


Aging and Glycation


How Advanced Glycation End Products Cause You to AGE!


Advanced Glycation Endproducts and Aging Skin


Coffee Drinkers Have Lower Risk of Death, Study Suggests


Coffee or Tea: Enjoy Both in Moderation for Heart Benefits, Dutch Study Suggests


Curcumin Helps Change Gene Function to Combat Cancer (Tumeric)


Is cabbage the ultimate anti-cancer food?


Medicinal Mushrooms Support Cancer Treatment


Medicinal Value of Cordyceps Mushrooms


Considering DHEA  Read this @




Personal experiences and observations

 My health journey started in 1985 when I quit a two pack a day smoking addiction.  It was at least my third try.  It was about the only healthy thing I did in my first 40+ years.    In 1993 I had a motorcycle accident, a crushed ankle and now walk with a cane.  After a blood test the doctor tried to put me on cholesterol medication.  I did the math and being one who does not like spending money on doctors and prescription meds I changed my diet and brought it down in a couple of months.

By 2003 I made my once or twice a decade visit to the doctor and my cholesterol was back up and I had around 5-6% loss of liver function from booze.  (I have done way more than a lifetime of drinking in way less than a lifetime.)  I was in danger for metabolic syndrome.  I had quit hard liquor in 2000 and finally quit beer and wine in 2004 and started a very slow stroll towards a healthier lifestyle.  I started medicinal mushrooms, Cordyceps, Reshi and Maitake in 2005 as well as Milk Thistle and other herbs for my liver.

 Some experiences

 Green pepper back pain - While reading one of  Jonny Bowden’s books I came across a sentence that green peppers caused some people back pain.  At the time I had back pain that went beyond the lower back and I was at the time slicing up green peppers with all my vegetables.  I cut green peppers out and the back pain noticeably decreased. 

 Cordyceps – I started taking Cordyceps mushrooms from Aloha Medicinals after reading Medicinal Value of Cordyceps Mushrooms.  I started taking these mushroom and began waking up with morning sexual arousal again.  By varying the amount of Cordyceps I take I can control whether or not I wake up every morning with sexual arousal.  Goto Kola also helps with this

 Sinus congestion and Tumeric - I was used to buying about 2 bottles of nasal spray a week for chronic sinus congestion.  I bought a bottle of Tumeric to try and within an hour my sinus congestion cleared up.  I haven’t used a hit of nasaL spray in years  

 Soy powder - This was very interesting.  I took it for 2 days and experienced severe depressive feelings which went away a day after I stopped taking the soy powder.  I plan to experiment with other forms of soy to see if there is something else that agrees with me.

 Hip pain - I had chronic hip pain that has to a large extent gone away with diet and exercise.


The Raker Rejuvenation Regime


 Let food be thy medicine and they medicine they food.  Hippocrates  c. 460 BC – c. 370 BC

 There is a doctor who will write you prescriptions 24 hours a day and who is always in.  There is within your house a magical device that will introduce you to this doctor.  No, it is not your telephone.

Before you are introduced to your doctor you must first perform health visualization.  Go into your bathroom and place both hands on the sink.  Look down at the drain.  That is where your health is going if you continue eating SAD (the Standard American Diet).  Now raise your eyes and look straight ahead.  There in the magical device is your 24 hour doctor who writes a prescription every time you go to the pharmacy (Grocery store).   

 What prescriptions has your doctor been writing lately??


 Dr. Ornish prostate cancer patients 50% watchful waiting 50% lifestyle changes

Pg. 20-21  Anti-cancer A new way of Life

BRCA 1 and 2 breast cancer Page 22 Anti-cancer A new way of Life

 Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Red Cabbage, Kale,Leeks,Spinach

 Look up the foods you hate here World’s Healthiest Foods and read about their nutrients and health benefits.  Then consider ordering powder from or

  Go to Google Images and type in the condition you are trying to avoid.  Use a selected image to help your willpower along.

 Snake Handling

Put on your best spandex and your dancing shoes, put your ear buds in and dial up your favorite music cuz we’re going Snake Handling!!.



 I want you to walk up to the door of the church (grocery story), twirl once or twice and go through the door, do a little dance(you are in the Spirit of Health), then head for the aisle where that food that you can’t resist, that food that tastes soooo good, that food you know is filled with POISON awaits.

  I want you to dance a little in the Sprit of Health and look that food right in its wrapper.  Pick That Food Up!!!  Cry out “I am filled with the Spirit of Health”.  “This POISON is not stronger than me”.  Read the label as you twirl, cry out to the POISON “Hallelujah!  I am filled with the Spirit.  You have no power over me” as you twirl and dance in the aisle with the POISON high above your head. 

Now put that POISON Down!!   (No!  Not in the cart.  On the Shelf!)  Stay in the Spirit of Health and go buy something healthy.

 (This will also get you through the checkout line faster.  People will be afraid to get in your way.)   Snake Handlers video

 (Keep eating large quantities of high fructose corn syrup and your innards will probably look like the guys hand in the video.)

 Just pick up that favorite POISON and put it back down.

 Willpower is a muscle!!  Use it or loose it!!

 2006 The American Cancer Society concludes that as many as half of the cancer deaths in the US could be prevented by dietary changes.  Cancer Facts and Figures


Weight Loss

 Simple Saying

More calories eaten than burned = Gain Fat.

 More calories burned than eaten = Lose Fat.

 Is There Such a Thing as Eating Too Many Fruits and Vegetables?

           I have tried some of the appetite suppressants such as Hoodia.  It suppressed my appetite but when it wore off my appetite was back looking to eat whatever chased it away.  I sent it back.

          The only thing I have found that works for me is the Indian herb Garcinia Cambogia  Article 1  Article 2  I went from 161 down to 156 in about 2 weeks.  And when I combined it with Green Coffee Bean Extract I went down to 146.  Do your research.  Note the precautions.  Garcinia Cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid which is claimed to helps burn fat and depresses the appetite.



 The good news is: There is a Fountain of Youth!!!

The bad news is: It’s Sweat!!

According to the New England Journal of Medicine 10 weeks of strength training for 50 frail men and women in their 80’s and 90’s increased their weight lifting ability by 118%, their walking speed by 12% and their stair climbing ability by 28%.

 According to the New York Times Book of Health exercise benefits you in the following areas: Hearth disease and Stroke, Cancer, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Weight, Immunity, Arthritis, Depression, Gastrointestinal Bleeding, Memory and Sleep.

 Light and Moderate Physical Activity Reduces the Risk of Early Death, Study Finds

 Walk Much? It May Protect Your Memory Down the Road

 Maintaining Aerobic Fitness Could Delay Biological Aging By Up To 12 Years, Study Shows

 Inactivity killing as many as smoking

 A sudy published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology that sedentary seniors who underwent a 6 month exercise program of walking or jogging, bicycling and stretching were able to improve oxygen flow to muscles to levels closer to 20 to 30 year olds.  From Chasing Life


 1 Stretching

Couch Potato, if you are looking for immediate results this is the place to start.  I started with 5 minutes of Pilates/Yoga moves before I got out of bed and now it’s 7 minutes and I get really pissed if I oversleep and have to cut it short.  Big reduction in lower back pain and aches and pains altogether.  I feel much better throughout the day and sometimes do stretching in the evening.

 Mayo Clinic Stretching slideshow

 Stretching Charts  Questions about the charts? CALL 1-800-333-1307


The Complete Guide to Joseph H Pilates Techniques of Physical Conditioning


Yoga and Stretching Exercises Beneficial for Chronic Low Back Pain, Study Finds

 Yoga Reduces Stress; Now It's Known Why

 Changing Brains for the Better: Article Documents Benefits of Multiple Practices, Such as Physical Exercise and Meditation

 2 Aerobics

Walking, Jogging, swimming,

 3 Weights

 Yes, ladies, you too!

 Creep up on yourself Just type in exercise


Exercise More – Age Less – Live Longer

 Aerobic Exercise May Reduce the Risk of Dementia, Researchers Say

 Aerobic Exercise Bests Resistance Training at Burning Belly Fat

 Exercise Slows Muscle Wasting from Age and Heart Failure

 Have you paid a visit to the Fountain of Youth this week??



 Always keep in mind that herb and supplement sellers have the same objective as Big Pharma – Move Product.  There are a lot of wild claims out there and you have to sort through it.  Once your research is done - Buy and Try to find out what works for you.


I’ve been experimenting with different herbs off and on for many years. (One of my first herbal experiments was the purple ringed fungi that grows in cow patties back in the 70’s)  I’ve found that about 1 out of every 5 or 6 herbs or more does something that I notice.  The number of things that really work well, that really rock you are probably 1 out of 25 - 30.  Buy and try is the only way I’ve found to find them. 

In the last 10 Swanson orders (less than a years worth of orders) I have sent back about 30 test items.  I have been experimenting for years off and on and there is probably some duplication but I would conservatively estimate I have tried 75-85 different herbs. 

My Big Three –

1.  Cordyceps – morning arousal  2005

2.  2. Tumeric – sinus congestion 2010

3.  Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract - weight loss 2012

  I take the supplements below 3 times a week.  Since I cannot know without expensive tests exactly what my body is deficient in I think supplementation in small amounts is a good idea.

 Alpha Lipoic Acid            Benefits  Declines with age  Food Sources   @LPI

Acetyl L Carnitine   Benefits    Declines with age (LPI)

CLA                        Article

Carnosine              Article    Anti-aging

Vitamin E complex  Should always include d-beta, d-delta and d-gamma tocopherol in addition to alpha

 CoQ10      Benefits                Food Sources             @LPI

Cordyceps Mushroom     Medicinal Value of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Selenium   Selenium Nutritional Research Center     Research

                     Food Sources     @

Glucosamine Chondrotin MSM


Daily at less than the recommended quantity on the bottle


Tumeric    Turmeric Health Benefits


Fish Oil  and   Salmon Oil  or   Cod Liver Oil

Vitamin C              Info

Ginkgo Biloba   Ginkgo Biloba Research   Greenpaper

Green Tea Grape Seed Pine Bark

Ground Flaxseed  Info @

Saw Palmetto for Prostate

 Think I take a lot?  Futurist and member of the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame Ray Kurzweil took the following supplemnents   Ray Kurzweil’s supplement list  (scroll down.)  He began testing himself for reaction time, memory, tactile sensitivity, and hormone, vitamin and nutrient levels 17 years ago when he began his supplement regieme.  Then he tested like someone 38.  Now he tests like someone 40 but chronologically he is 17 years older.  From Chasing Life

 Considering Vitamin D?  The 'D' Debate: Can Vitamin D Solve All Your Problems?         The power of D

 Natural Products Association - Consumers

 On the Experimental Side.

Looking for something different???  African Dream Root  or Calea zacatechichi  Let me know what they’re like.  I haven’t tried either . . . . yet.



 I live in a camper trailer on a tree farm.  A soil survey showed arsenic (used in the 30’s and 40’s as an insecticide) and some other unpronounceable chemicals in heavy concentration in the SW quarter of the 20 acres.  Across the ditch is a sod farm operation that does a lot of spraying, fertilizer, insecticide, weed killer.  I have to be careful when walking on windy days or I get sprayed too.

I think detoxification is a good idea.

That being said, Detoxification is a subject that seems to have a lot of wild claims.  If you are considering it do your research.  Here are some links to info and products that I use from time to time.

 The Herxheimer Reaction     Book: The Healing Crisis

 Chlorella Growth Factor     Research on CGF

 Milk Thistle Dandelion Yellow Dock

 Burdock Root     Coriander     Bentonite Clay

 EDTA    Article

 (you should take a multi-vitamin 2 hrs after using this as it chelates vitamins and minerals out of your system too.

 Detox vegetables - Pull up the following vegetables at The World’s Healthiest Foods and do a search (Control F) for detox

 Broccoli has 26 matches     Cauliflower has 7 matches     Kale has 7 matches     Cabbage 2 matches     Collard Greens has 8 matches

Brussles Sprouts has 12 matches     Mustard Greens has 7 matches

Turnip Greens has 7 matches

 For an everyday detox, Eat your Vegetables.

 Detox Articles

 ALL About Herbs for Detox     7 Detox Herbs for a Natural Cleanse  

7 Cleansing Foods for a Natural Detox

 Detox and Chlorella claims page



Dr. Oz had precancerous colon polyps.  Suzanne Somers survived breast cancer

 Catch something early enough and the chances of beating it are much better. Yearly check-ups are simply a basic health move.  Particularly when you are older.  Here are some links to blood testing sites if you are the more hands on type.



MUSIC Never forget the power of music to add please to your life. 

 Listening to Music Lights Up the Whole Brain mp3  Just type in the name of your favorite group. It’s best to download music videos as some are taken down from time to time for copyright reasons.

Dire Straits anyone?


 Watch TV on the Internet.    

 Married with Children anyone?     The Andy Griffith Show    

 On   Gallagher     George Carlin and many others.

 Laughter Has Positive Impact On Vascular Function

 Body's Response to Repetitive Laughter Is Similar to the Effect of Repetitive Exercise, Study Finds

 My Favorite Monkey  (This always make me laugh!)



Try meditation.  I’m just starting to explore this.

 Evidence Supports Health Benefits of 'Mindfulness-Based Practices'

Evidence Builds That Meditation Strengthens the Brain

 Of body and mind, and deep meditation

 Finding Right Meditation Technique Key to User Satisfaction

Chinese Meditation Prompts Double Positive Punch in Brain White Matter


"The calamity of the information age is that the toxicity of data increases much faster than its benefits," Nassim Taleb.


 Simple Sayings

 Let food be thy medicine and they medicine they food.  Hippocrates

 The good news is: There is a Fountain of Youth!!!  The bad news is: It’s Sweat!!

Exercise More – Age Less – Live Longer

Eat to Live don’t Live to Eat

Cultivate Hunger



I hope that you found something of interest here.  Notes are below.  A final note is at the end.


May you live long and prosper, may you eat healthy foods and may Frankenfoods not eat you.


Steven Raker




Notes  From The New Longevity Diet 



LN = Longevity Nutrients

Cereal Family – Wheat, rice, corn, oats, rye, barley, millet, sorghum

Longevity Nutrients – include phytates, lignans, protease inhibitors

 Citrus Family – grapefruit, kumquats, lemons, limes, oranges, tangelos, tangerines, citrons.

LNs – include monoterpenes

 Composite Family – Lettuce, endive, escarole, chicory, dandelion greens, artichokes, spice tarragon.

LNs – include inulin, oligofructose,

 Fungus Family – Mushrooms, morels, truffles, yeast.

LNs – include nucleotides

Beet Family – beets, chard, spinach, quinoa,

LNs – several

 Gourd Family – cantaloupe, honeydew, Persian melon, muskmelon, pumpkin, watermelon, squash, zucchini, cucumber.

LNs – includes glutathione

 Grape Family – raisins, fruits that grow on vines

LNs – include tannins

 Heath Family – blueberry, cranberry, lingonberry, teaberry,

LNs include lignans

 Laurel Family – avocados, bay leaves, cinnamon, sassafras. 

LNs – several  Avacado – glutathione

 Legume Family – soybeans, peanuts, beans

LNs – several including phytoestrogens, saponins.  Saponins dominate this group.

 Lily Family – onions, chives, asparagus, garlic, leeks, scallions, shallots.

LNs – several including organosulfur coumpounds

 Maize Family – corn. 

LNs – several including phytates, protease inhibitors.

 Mint Family – Spearmint, peppermint, thyme, sage, rosemary, oregano, marjoram.

LNs – include monoterpenes, phytosterols

Mulberry Family – Figs

LNs – include tannins

 Mustard Family – Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, horseradish, kale, kohlrabi, mustard, radishes, turnips, watercress.

LNs – include isothiocyanates

 Parsley Family – parsley, caraway, coriander, cumin, dill, fennel, carrots, celery, celeriac. 

LNs – several including lignans, pyrroloquinoline (PQQ)

 Plantain Family – bananas, plantains.

LNs – includes tannins, inulin, oligofructose, glutathione.

  Plum Family – Apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, persimmons, plums.

LNs – include phytosterols

 Nightshade Family – potato, eggplant, green and red peppers, chilies, tomatoes. 

PNs – include – potatoes – protease inhibitors – green peppers – PQQ

 Rose Family – Apple, pear, quince, blackberries, raspberries,  boysenberries,  strawberries.

LNs – Apples – quercetin

 Nut Family – Walnuts, pecans, cashews, brazil nuts.

LNs – include arginine, phytates

 Tea – tannins, PQQ

 Chocolate Family – cocoa, kola bean.

LNs – include arginine

 Meat Family – Carnitine

 Poultry Family – Chicken, turkey, partridge, quail, pheasant, goose.

LNs – taurine

 Fish Family – glutamine, arginine, taurine

 Seafood Family – crab, shrimp, scallop, crayfish, lobster, clam, oyster, mussel, octopus, periwinkle, squid.

LNs – include nucleotides

Dairy Family – Cheese, milk, yougurt.


 My only recipe  Chicken, Rice and Vegetables


¼ cup Wild Rice  Wild rice has twice the protein and fiber of brown rice, but less iron and calcium.  Whole Grains

¾ cup organic brown rice  Cook according to Brown rice instructions.



2 chicken breasts cooked and chunked.



1 can black beans, 1 can dark red kidney beans, Corn,Peas and Carrots.  Cooked together in a pot.  (These are great by themselves.)

(Don’t use mixed vegetables with string beans, ruins the flavor.)



Add spices – salt, pepper, parsley flakes, paprika, dash of oregano, dash of red peppers to rice and vegetables while cooking.


Garlic and Onions

Dice 5 cloves of garlic and a half or so of onion

 Mix in a container. 

 Can be bagged and frozen.  I make one a week on Sunday and take it to work.  Keeps in a cold refrigerator for about 4-5 days.   It is on occasion funky on Friday.


Notes 4

 Recommended Daily Fat Intake


Total calories
per day

Saturated fat
in grams

Total fat
in grams


18 or less



20 or less



24 or less



25 or less



31 or less


Notes 5  Additional articles


Adopt an Anti-Cancer Diet


Healthy Habits Can Prevent Disease



Age-Old Remedies Using White Tea, Witch Hazel and Rose May Be Beneficial, Study Suggests


Oral Hyaluronic Acid: Anti-aging, Skin, Joints and Healing


Immune-Boosting Herbs and Spices from Your Spice Rack


Cooked Green Vegetables, Dried Fruit, Legumes, and Brown Rice Associated With Fewer Colon Polyps


How Your Immune System Works


From the lab to your plate


Some Exercise Is Better Than None: More Is Better to Reduce Heart Disease Risk


Yoga's Ability to Improve Mood and Lessen Anxiety Is Linked to Increased Levels of a Critical Brain Chemical, Research Finds


Siginificant Benefits of Yoga in People With Rheumatoid Arthritis, Study Shows


New Study Finds New Connection Between Yoga and Mood




Notes 6 Recommended Reading


Mind Boosters by Ray Sahelian


Chasing Life by Sanjay Gupta CNN Chief Medical Corrospondent


Living Proof A Medical Mutiny  He survived 10.5 years after multiple myeloma diagnosis


Foods that Fight Cancer  Good book on nutrition.


The Okinawa Diet Plan


Notes 7 Glycation inhibitors


From 1 source  

Vitamins B1, C and E

Curcumin (Tumeric)


Black, green and white tea







And from another source




There is enough pain in life; there should be no pain in death.


World Federation of Right to Die Societies


Final Exit and other books on the right to die.


Right to Die @